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Stakeholder Engagement

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From community engagement and communications, EUA is the market leader in delivering comprehensive pre-design services. We tailor our services to meet each client’s unique set of circumstances. EUA’s understanding and anticipation of client needs ensures that clients are meeting expectations to inform, engage and respond to broad community interests throughout the pre-design and project planning phases.


Experience matters. We know our clients will be accountable for strong leadership, transparent processes and coordination of complex pre-design decisions. EUA employs a Community Engagement Team with specific training and experience for our clients. Our team is experienced in communications, project facilitation, and community engagement strategies, bringing focus and proven results to the process.

Meet our specialists: 
Kit Dailey + Andy Lyons + Katie Miller. 


EUA recognizes the importance of community input. Our Community Engagement Team utilizes a variety of public participation techniques and technologies appropriate to each stakeholder group and client preferences. We support our client’s need for building trust within their community through thoughtful planning, broad engagement and opportunity and collective problem solving.


Effective Communication

EUA’s Community Engagement Team provides effective guidance that builds broad understanding about the facilities assessment, master planning, community engagement and other pre-design processes. We understand what communications strategy work, and when to implement them for the most effective exchange of information. We are your partner in distilling complicated facilities planning information and proactively communicating key facts to your community in a concise, easy-to-understand format.