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Project Lead The Way : Design Guide

Project Lead The Way : Design Guide Banner Image

How to Read this Guide

This guide is intended to assist school district administrators, principals, teachers, and others involved in the improvement of physical teaching environments for Project Lead the Way (PLTW) programs. It covers both the understanding of the big-picture ideas as well as the details required for understanding how an effective PLTW learning space is assembled. 

  • The first section, Cross-Disciplinary Learning Environments, provides three large-scale examples of configurations that are intended to inspire an understanding of the relationships between spaces for the best collaborative learning experiences. 
  • The second section, Application of Ideas, provides additional detail about how each space functions by examining the make-up of the pieces within and noting certain desirable characteristics of productive learning environments. It provides numerous examples of furniture and space layouts for classrooms organized into three different categories: existing space, light to moderate renovation, and major renovation or new building. These categories are respectively labeled Kindle, Ignite, and Radiate. 
  • The final section, the Appendix, describes the implications, code concerns, technological options and other details that affect the quality of PLTW spaces.

Interested in how EUA can help you implement Project Lead the Way and STEM design in your district? Contact Abie Khatchadourian at to learn more. 

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