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Innovative Education and Space Design

Waunakee Intermediate School:
Inspired by the patchwork of farm fields, this new intermediate school is designed around a "village" concept to promote collaborative learning.

Watch this 4-minute video on how collaborative learning environments are integrated into this new school and hear from students, teachers and administration on the impact these spaces are having on the school.

Lake Mills Elementary School:
Education is changing and space design is changing with it. Read more about the innovative and sustainable design at this school.

Watch this 3-minute video highlighting how this new elementary school design helps elevate the potential of the students, teachers, administration and surrounding community. 

Menasha High School:
Read about the building renovations making the space collaborative, flexible and dynamic. 

Watch this 4-minute video showing the transformation to a modern learning environment while continuing the tradition of this school and maintaining the character and history of this building.