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Educational Facilities Planning

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Short and long-term facilities planning is a critical part of your district’s overall strategic plan

Facilities Assessment

Understanding the current state of your facilities is a valuable foundation to long-term planning for your district. EUA’s architects work with engineers and construction professionals to assess the condition of the components, systems, functionality and utilization of your buildings. From the building envelope, interior finishes, HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems to analyzing capacity, utilization and ADA accessibility, our comprehensive facilities assessment has your building, or buildings, covered from top to bottom. Aside from being a valuable resource to assist with planning, an objective third party analysis also builds credibility with your internal and external stakeholders to move your project forward. 

Master Planning

Planning for the long-term care, maintenance and improvements of your district facilities is an important part of your overall strategic plan. An effective master plan can increase efficiency, reduce unexpected failures and save resources. It serves as a road map to the care of your buildings and ensures that improvements coincide with current and future needs as well as future trends. EUA believes that a thoughtful master plan is a critical tool in your district’s operational toolbox.

Armed with the findings of the comprehensive facilities assessment, we can begin reimagining, reworking and renewing your facilities. This collaborative process brings together your district leaders, EUA’s team of dedicated Learning Environment planners and designers, the community engagement team and your construction partner to create potential solutions that address your needs and capitalize on your biggest opportunities.