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Educational Planning

Facilities Study

Having an objective view of your facilities is vital when considering improvements to your campus or buildings. When communicating a need to your stakeholders, community or constituents, unbiased information provided by a third party provides the credibility to move your project forward. A comprehensive report (e.g. building envelope, infrastructure systems, building utilization) provides the knowledge base for short and long-term facilities planning solutions.

Master Planning

The growth of campuses and school districts can be sporadic, based on funding availability and changing school needs. Many times when EUA begins to work with a district or institution, we find that they lack a master plan, which takes into consideration the long-term impact of each additional building.

Master planning is important, as it can save institutions millions of dollars over the years by ensuring that new developments coincide with projected growth and future trends. EUA believes a master plan is necessary in order to make sound decisions related to facility planning. A solid master plan allows our clients to plan for the “what ifs” and assist in guiding with future additions. EUA uses a proven four-step approach to analyze our client from the discovery stage through to the final full report and supporting plan. Our clients find that this crucial step in the planning framework helps to guide their infrastructure decisions for years to come.