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Positive Patient Experience

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Elevating the patient experience through human-centered design solutions

Focusing on the patient experience is an important design consideration that impacts delivery of services, quality and effectiveness of a healing environment. Through thoughtful interior design that not only supports operational flow, but also a family-centered experience, we create facilities where patients feel welcomed from the moment they arrive.

Incorporating natural environmental branding elements throughout, such as patterns, wood and backlit art, establishes a warm, comforting hospitality-like experience for patients. Reducing footsteps by promoting simple wayfinding through architectural design elements and minimizing wait times by co-locating services are all efforts that help improve patient access to care. A feature that benefits providers and patients, we strive to separate “on-stage” from “off-stage” areas so healthcare visits remain comfortable, quiet and restful, improving the delivery of care.

Providing flexible, light-filled spaces that not only allow patients to control their surroundings and privacy needs, but also providing accompanying caregivers with ample space and amenities contributes to a less stressful healthcare visit. At their core, healthcare facilities are created to serve their communities and we are passionate about providing innovative and human-centered design that supports patient experience and satisfaction.