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Healthcare Facility Code Review

Statement of conditions assessments

Continuous learning and review is the minimum requirement for assessing and implementing building code practices. Understanding this, we exceed the minimum by providing a team of specialists that not only knows the code, but also writes it.

Dedicated architects provide quality control review and code analysis at each phase of the project. By delivering code assessments for existing buildings and determining the best path toward correction of issues in our overall planning approach, our team becomes your partner during this process.

Marty Petroviak, a code expert, has over 39 years of experience and oversees all code analysis and implementation. He is a firm-wide resource, providing on-site code reviews and working closely with the authority having jurisdiction to assist resolution on unique code deficiency concerns. In addition, all of our Healthcare Project Architects are versed in the latest code requirements, proactively researching code restrictions and bringing problem solving solutions to challenging code restrictions. 


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