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Construction Administrator

Milwaukee, WI

A Construction Administrator is responsible for construction site observation of Living Environments projects not located within Wisconsin. Working with the Studio Director and multiple project teams, they are an critical team member that communicates real-time construction information.


A Construction Administrator is tasked with full-time travel to projects outside of the state of Wisconsin.  Their core responsibility is to perform site observation at projects that are under construction and then produce related documentation.  The individual must have exceptional communication skills as they will communicate daily to project teams while they are traveling.  A deep and fundamental knowledge of construction practices and techniques is critical and wide-ranging experience from the construction field is required.  A substantial knowledge of wood-frame construction is also essential.

The Fundamentals:

  • Requires full-time travel
  • Conducts site observation of projects under construction
  • Produce Construction Observation Reports for each site visit
  • Communicates daily with project teams
  • Builds relationships with on-site construction team members
  • Exceptional organization and communication skills
  • Actively uses technology to stay up to date on all project drawings and specifications
  • Understands EUA standards and design techniques, especially wood frame construction
  • Understands construction technology and methods
  • Knowledge of critical components and assemblies of construction
  • Knowledge of building codes
  • Knowledge of materials and products
  • Awareness of project budgets
  • Ability to maintain a positive attitude and exhibit integrity
  • Will NOT take responsibility for RFIs, Submittals, or Construction Bulletins
  • Will NOT be the main point of contact for projects they are observing
  • Other duties as assigned

The Fine Print:

  • Licensed or Non-Licensed Architect / Construction Manager / Construction Tradesperson / Equivalent Experience
  • 10+ years of construction experience in the field
  • Understanding of Revit and related software preferred
  • Technologically proficient in tablets and mobile applications
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