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Revitalize Milwaukee - Block Build 2017

Over the weekend (Friday, May 19 + Saturday, May 20), EUAers joined with Revitalize Milwaukee for the 2017 Block Build. Our team got to work building a ramp for Mr. Whalen who uses a scooter to get around. Before this ramp was put in his son, who lives 2 hours away, would come down about every two weeks to help get him out of the house to run errands, grocery shop and to see his wife who is in a nursing home. 

Last year, Revitalize Milwaukee completed over 1,800 repairs throughout the city including such projects as: beautification, repairing locks, replacing windows/doors, building ramps, installing grab bars for bathrooms and showers. Their focus is to repair any health or safety issues that have developed over time due to the deterioration of the home and/or due to the home owners who are physically and financially unable to do the repair themselves.

Revitalize Milwaukee, a nonprofit organization, impacts between 300-400 homes every year providing affordable housing repairs in Southeastern WI to home owners who are veterans, disabled or elderly.

One of the EUA volunteers, Erica Karls, was excited to be part of this event. "I started doing this kind of volunteer work in high school. I like doing volunteer work like this because I get to see the finished project right away. That feeling of accomplishment and helping others goes great hand-in-hand."