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Lunch + Learn Offering: Capacity and Utilization

Learning environments are continually evolving and understanding the current and future projections of your school is fundamental to providing students with an adequate education. Whether your school district student enrollment is growing or shrinking, it is worthwhile knowing your building capacities and utilization to ensure you have the facts. Our Denver K-12 experts Jane Crisler and Sara Schesser are offering a Lunch + Learn where they will share everything you need to know about school capacity and utilization.

For more information on scheduling a Lunch + Learn, please contact our K-12 Market Leader Jane Crisler at

Learn more about the importance of school building capacity in Eric Dufek's blog, "Why Does School Capacity Matter? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?"

Learn more about the importance of school building utilization in Eric Dufek's blog, "Use it or Lose it – Understanding School Utilization"