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Lab Design Spotlight: Encapsys Facility

Lab Design Spotlight: Encapsys Facility Banner Image

Encapsys LLC facility, Appleton, Wisc.

Size: 40,000 gsf

Project Team: EUA, Ring & DuChateau (MEP+F), Miron Construction, Pierce (structural), Point of Beginning (civil and landscaping)

Description: Encapsys LLC, a global encapsulation technology leader in Appleton, Wisc., is currently housed in three different facilities on one campus. This 90-person company was looking to consolidate all operations into one building, while creating a strong corporate identity and improving the ongoing safety of their operations. Encapsys chose the team of Commercial Horizons (CHI), Eppstein Uhen Architects (EUA) and Miron Construction to help them to program and design a new corporate headquarters.

EUA understands that collaboration for this start-up was a key driver to ensure a successful design. Over 4,400 sf was designed as collaborative workplaces for the Encapsys team members, included within the workplace and laboratory areas. One large collaboration space, the Hub, will be used for small team discussions, large all staff gatherings and as a dining area for the team and clients. The two-story space will be located near the lobby, has views to the laboratory and the second floor administration areas, and features a lot of daylight. 

The collaboration spaces extend to the laboratory which has been designed as one open laboratory. Within the laboratory, there are featured collaborative zones specifically designed around technology sharing monitors and equipment. Flexible lab spaces/benches will be added to support three different teams consisting of Scientists, Process Engineers and Technicians. This allows for many growth possibilities for each team. The integrated, but distinctly identified Pilot Capsule Plant (PCP) will be a high bay scale-up facility, while the manufacturing of finished products will continue to occur offsite. The PCP also includes specialized high-technology spaces and process piping for drying and processing materials developed in the laboratory before they are approved for large scale manufacturing.

As a growing specialty chemicals company, Encapsys’ new facility has an infrastructure designed with the flexibility for near-term expansion, if needed. The building is oriented so the office spaces are facing north which allows for more diffused light for most occupants; while the laboratory includes windows facing south for more daylighting.  Special care has been taken in the design to allow for proper personnel and material flows so as to eliminate potential cross-contamination of product between the lab/PCP areas and offices. Unique features include:

  • an 8-ft. fume hood for each scientist, with a large sink, lattice rods and combination sashes;
  • a shared 12-ft., floor-mounted hood for processing powders has been included and outfitted with a system for bag-in, bag-out filtration should it be required in the future; 
  • small scale liquid chemical dispensing will take place in a custom-vented enclosure in the dispensary portion of the PCP which will provide the scientists with materials for their research and development;
  • cup sinks and local exhaust vents (snorkels) are included throughout the laboratory to provide exhaust and drains for benchtop equipment;
  • collaboration spaces built into laboratory space, allowing sharing of ideas and solutions without leaving the lab;
  • emissions control devices that represent best practices for research labs are being installed.

Completion Date: 2018

Contact: Eric Slifer, 608-442-3960,

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