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Optimizing building performance for sustainable practices

At EUA, we encourage and educate clients and staff to consider design and construction strategies that use natural resources in prudent and environmentally wise ways. Sustainable design is an integrated approach that considers the entire life of a building, from construction to demolition, supporting environmental stewardship and conservation, as well as creating a healthy indoor environment for building occupants. EUA’s sustainable design approach is complementary and integrated within our clients’ vision, and we are committed to creating healthy, dynamic spaces for each and every client.

Actions speak louder than words--EUA demonstrates our commitment to sustainability through being a signatory firm on the AIA 2030 Commitment. We continue our commitment to sustainability by having in-house sustainability and LEED specialists and a committee to guide our sustainable efforts in all markets. To support our AIA 2030 Commitment, EUA utilizes cove.tool in the early phases of the project to set goals and track energy use. Success is measured by the meaningful impact we make on the clients, communities and markets we serve. View and download our 2030 Sustainability Action Plan.

Even when LEED certification is not the goal, we provide environmentally-friendly design options that balance initial investment with life cycle costs while focusing on sustainable best practices in design and construction.

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Practice Leader : Sustainability
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