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Lean Led Architecture + Planning

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Applying Lean thinking to optimize operational processes and influence design

Our Lean-led planning and design process is a natural extension of our design philosophy. EUA incorporates Lean-led planning and design strategies to help our clients create a "road map" to define, develop and integrate safe, efficient and waste-free operational processes to create the most supportive, customer focused physical environments possible. 

The most efficient facilities are the result of integrated planning and design strategies that combine client and operational vision, workflow and space layout into a single system-based solution. By utilizing our experience in strategic planning, operational visioning and process improvement, the future alignment of operations and space is defined. This results in a better user experience, more satisfied and productive staff, improved quality, stronger outcomes and metrics, and ultimately, a healthier bottom line.

Lean-led planning and design includes:

  • Master plan strategic visioning
  • Operational vision + planning criteria
  • Current + future state value stream mapping
  • Flow analysis
  • Right-sizing space
  • Mock-ups + rapid prototyping

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