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Historic Preservation


Looking forward while honoring the past

From small, historic structure assessments to large-scale rehabilitation projects, EUA has assisted numerous clients through the historic preservation process. Whether pursing historic tax credits or not, when it comes to architectural modifications of historic buildings it requires a unique consideration and approach. These structures have stood the test of time, many with multiple additions or modifications throughout the years that add to the complexity of the renovation. Just like our headquarters office, a historic transformation of a five-story 1900’s shoe factory in Milwaukee’s Historic Third ward, that took an existing building with history and revitalized it for new uses to create a dynamic story-telling piece that revitalizes neighborhoods and invigorates the local community. By seamlessly integrating modern interior design elements in historic settings we can bring new life and energy into these iconic structures. Preservation projects cross over many market types and EUA’s 100 years of being in business we have honed our understanding of historic building construction and design to ensure we maintain integrity while meeting our client's needs for the future.

Regardless of the end use, our goal in renovating historic buildings is to maximize the potential of the space for the occupants. We have over 50 Historic Preservation projects and dedicated team members that specialize in preservation. Our expertise ranges from adaptive reuse or rehabilitation projects to complete preservation and restoration of iconic structures. If the project is pursuing historic tax credits, we will apply the Secretary of the Interior's Standards. We are also experts at applying local design guidelines and working with owners to identify the character-defining features that make your building special in the community. Regardless of the expected intensity of preservation, we can facilitate your desired outcome. We love a good historic preservation challenge, as it allows us to celebrate the past while providing a vision and use for the future.

Historic preservation services include:

■ ADA Upgrades
Adaptive Reuse
■ Compatible Design for Infill Construction
■ Conformance with Secretary of Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties

■ Design Review Assistance
■ Designation Assistance
■ Grant Assistance

■ Historic Structure Assessments (HSAs)
■ Historic Structure Reports (HSRs)
Masonry Restoration
■ National + State Historic Preservation Tax Credit Submissions
■ Preservation Planning

■ Window Assessments
■ Window Restoration / Replacement

Contact Us:

Jane Crisler
Historic Preservation Specialist
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