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Construction Administration

Construction Administration (CA) is a team activity that requires a coordinated effort by all parties involved to provide the owner with a successful project. This is the longest phase of the project and plays an important role in the overall project success. Of all the stages in design, CA typically involves the greatest number of people, including construction managers, contractors, subcontractors, inspectors, vendors, testing agencies, architects and the client’s staff. EUA’s role is to support communication between the client and the Construction Manager (CM), with whom we work very closely and collaboratively. Construction Managers are an integral part of the team, particularly throughout the design process, as the overall project goals are defined. Most of our clients have benefited from the efficiencies of a close collaboration between a construction manager and our team during the early stages of their project.

EUA conducts formal training for our staff to provide thorough, efficient, and effective services during CA. This training directly benefits the client by allowing construction projects to run smoothly and prevent surprises. During this phase we review the construction process for accurate execution of the intent of the construction documents and keep the client informed. During this process, EUA acts on behalf of the client advocating for their project goals and desires. 

“The EUA team has gone above expectations to meet a very aggressive schedule and continues to be excellent in responding to questions that arise on site.” Andy Derksen, Project Manager, Miron Construction