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Change Management


Navigating change through staff engagement

Workplace changes are exciting to be part of, but the transition can sometimes be difficult for a company and its employees. Whether big or small, altering the physical environment impacts the people within the space; and when approached in a thoughtful manner, it can foster employee acceptance and even advocacy. By anticipating challenges and understanding the current state, we work with clients to implement a change management strategy specific to the built environment. Having navigated the waters of facility changes with many clients, we’ve found the single most important factor to success is communication with staff during the design process. Our process helps employees feel involved, influencing the level of enthusiasm and support around the project. Once a vision is set, it can be supported through functional space planning and regular communications with employees to ensure the design aligns with their needs and desired culture.

As we provide clients with change management services from strategy through design, we intentionally provide tools and resources to support employee engagement goals, establishing up front the purpose and intentions of the new space. By doing this, we help our clients understand, visualize and articulate the why behind their design, with transparent communication milestones intended to elevate the levels in which staff embrace the change happening in their physical environment.

A few tools we may use during the change management process:

■ Strategy Planning
■ Town Halls
■ Mock-ups + Testing
■ Survey + Analysis
■ Facilitation + Workshops

■ Websites + Content
■ Tours + Virtual Reality
■ Special Events
■ Video + Video Messaging Clips
■ Welcome Booklets

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