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Commitment to Diversity, Equity + Inclusion

We are passionate about continuing to cultivate a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within our firm. We are also committed to influencing the greater design profession. EUA recognizes our opportunity to better understand where we as a firm can play a part in improving DEI – in our workplace, in our designs and in our community. We understand the need to not only create equitable and inclusive environments, but also to actively support and build up the next generation of diverse architects and designers. This includes continued outreach at the elementary, middle school and high school levels to get kids interested in our profession. In addition, we are actively taking steps internally to create a more inclusive environment for all employees.

EUA’s DEI Goals + Continuous Work

Individual Growth + Understanding
From firm-wide DEI and Accessibility external expert panel discussions to internal conversations and resource-sharing, EUA strives to provide spaces and encourage honest and open employee dialogue about racial and DEI challenges and opportunities in our culture and profession. Working to foster an equitable workplace, we are committed to ensuring all employees are set up for success throughout their career with equal access and support for opportunities and growth.

Growth + Understanding
From offering minority scholarships and internships to increasing recruiting efforts at Historically Black Colleges + Universities (HBCUs), EUA is dedicated to expanding access and opportunities to actively increase diversity within the talent of our firm.

Community Impact
In addition to our robust community impact and pro bono efforts, EUA has sponsored and been active in programs such as The Hip Hop Architecture Camp, Lincoln Ave Middle School Mentoring, AAUW Sheboygan Branch Girls STEM Day conference and the Milwaukee Public Schools TechTerns Program and continues to partner with numerous community STEM programs to engage youth in exploring careers within the AEC industry.

Professional Impact
As many of our employees are active members in a variety of industry organizations such as NOMA, AIA, IIDA, NCARB, ASHRAE, EUA encourages and supports employee engagement and involvement in external DEI initiatives, discussions and trainings. EUA also has a long history of mentoring local DBE firms, providing training support and resources.

We believe actions speak louder than words. We are proud of our long-term track record of engagement, outreach and successful minority firms launched by former EUA employees. We also recognize there is more work to be done and are committed to making consistent progress over the coming years for continued improvement in all aspects of DEI.