Simply the Foundation

The process of design should be energizing for our clients and for us. We know that great solutions are not predetermined but rather grow from curiosity, innovation and exploration. The best solution for your project comes from a dynamic exchange of ideas, freely challenged and refined. As partners, we guide you through the design and building process, bringing ideas and expertise without ego.

Conserving environmental resources is a significant and natural part of our design process. Our designs respect context. We recognize that what we do has a lasting impact.

Architecture is an expression of culture. Each building we design is different. Our designs solve your problems reflecting your values and your brand.

Design solutions must respect cost and constructability limitations. We are committed to ensuring that our completed buildings perform as intended. Our goal is continual improvement resulting in refined design solutions.

We measure our design success by whether we have successfully fulfilled your vision and met your program within the budget you expected. Our success is measured even further by the creativity, beauty and value your community places upon our work.

Afterall, the spaces we design are not our personal legacy. They are a legacy for the people who Live, Learn, Work, Play and Heal in these spaces.