Jonathan Parker, RA, LEED AP

Senior Project Manager + Principal

Through his all-encompassing experience with higher education institutions and parking structures, Jonathan has developed a strong portfolio and understanding of trends. His experience ranges from small, private developer-based projects to multi-million dollar projects for major universities. Some of his recent projects include: UW-Madison’s Lakeshore Residence Hall Phase II, UW-La Crosse’s Eagle Hall and Viterbo University’s Clare Apartments. Jonathan is recognized for his ability to manage all aspects of a major campus development and he regularly shares his knowledge through various speaking engagements.

I define good design as:

Balanced proportions in composition of solid and translucent forms, harmonious colors, artful use of light and shadow and an element of surprise.

If I wasn’t an architect I would be:

Happily retired and travelling around the world.

If I could witness any event past, present or future, it would be.

I look forward to the future and the flying cars that were promised to me in the early 1960s.

Something people wouldn’t expect about me is:

My wife and I are involved in dog rescue with “Friends of Noah” pet rescue in Janesville. We were with “Heavenly Hearts Rescue” in Waukesha before we moved to Madison.

Jonathan Parker, RA, LEED AP