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Greg Uhen AIA, NCARB

CEO + Managing Partner of Design

Greg Uhen

EUA has played a significant role in shaping the course of my career and life – well at least since the age of 25. I have had the pleasure of leading a firm into new and unchartered territory, seeing progression in all areas of our vision statement, while still living my passion for design. When structuring my current role as CEO, I specifically removed myself from the day to day operations to focus on the area I make the highest impact – directly influencing conceptual design with clients and emerging staff members. When I’m dedicated to a project, I am present, paying attention to not only the big picture and goals that the client is trying to achieve, but also the details that characterize that big picture.  In addition to projects I am directly involved in, I keep a pulse on the design product across the various studios at EUA, ensuring we are being true to our core design philosophy and commitment to quality. I feel really fortunate because art has inspired my life, and my life has in turn embodied art; when I’m not working on architectural design you can find me in my studio constructing ideas and concepts for paintings.