Greg Uhen, AIA, NCARB

CEO + Managing Partner of Design

Greg's dual role as CEO and design partner allows him to influence and apply high quality design throughout the firm. Greg's style is hands-on and collaborative. Working tirelessly to serve clients in all markets Greg has amassed an impressive list of clients and a strong set of values that has guided him and the firm over his 30+ year career. As CEO Greg works with Rich and other firm leaders to set the vision and direction of the firm to ensure that we remain valued strategic partners.

Professionally, I am most passionate about:

Building a business that will continue to be successful long after I am gone.

Good design is:

A deep understanding of the needs of our client and the ability to transform those needs creatively into a built environment that performs.

If I wasn’t an architect:

I would want to be an artist or a fishing guide...or both.

Tell us something about yourself that people wouldn’t expect:

I was a drummer in a rock band and was also the business manager. I wrote the band's first contract at the age of 14.  It was my initiation into business.

Greg Uhen, AIA, NCARB