Student Housing

Student Housing Design: What do students really want?

We work with public and private universities in addition to student housing private developers. We keep up on current trends in student housing and utilize the latest research, and our in-depth knowledge allows us to design for the full spectrum of housing options and customizations.

Current research stresses the positive impact that housing has on each student. Supporting the development of a community aids in heightened levels of performance, thus allowing a university to equip its graduates for their future. 

EUA was chosen to perform a student housing study for the University of Wisconsin system which included compiling data on 16 halls and over 7,500 beds built in the past 8 years. EUA created an organized database that analyzed several metrics to identify trends, outliers and comparables. The UW System now has planning tools that will allow universities to quickly and accurately plan for the functionality, size, building systems, scheduling and costs for new campus housing.  Click on the link below to view the full study.