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EUA Thought Leaders

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Outside the Curriculum: The Effect Environment Has on Learning
By Bob Vajgrt | September 11, 2017

The more attention we pay to environmental factors, the better we set students and teachers up for educational success.

Use it or Lose it
By Eric Dufek | September 5, 2017

Understanding why school utilization is important.

I Want Innovation...That I Have Seen Before
By Bob Vajgrt | April 11, 2017

Three ideas to help you and your team start to change your perspective and see things differently.

Why Does School Capacity Matter? 
By Eric Dufek | February 6, 2017 

School capacity can be defined in three different ways. Learn what each one references and which one your district should be most concerned about when looking to your future building needs.

Did You Order This Pizza?
By Bob Vajgrt | February 16, 2016

Follow these fives steps to ordering your perfect building.

Journey Already in Progress - Welcome Aboard
By Bob Vajgrt | December 15, 2015

Learn how education administrators can transition smoothly into their new leadership role on building projects.

Thank You Mrs. Pauly: The 1970s Makerspace Pioneer
By Bob Vajgrt | October 30, 2015

To incorporate a Makerspace, first you need to understand its purpose.

Doing More for Less with Project Lead the Way
By Abie Khatchadourian | October 15, 2015

Explore a few quick ways educators can implement classroom design modifications to support Project Lead the Way (PLTW) initiatives.

Embracing Change: Making a Difference in Student Outcomes Through Education Design
By Eric Dufek | September 1, 2015

As schools are adjusting curriculum and educational goals to better prepare students, learning environments must also adapt to meet these changing needs.



Make Space for Makerspace
By Bob Vajgrt | March 13, 2015

Makerspaces have become a new trend for schools, but do you really understand why you want one?

Establishing Your Student's Educational Foundation
By Abie Khatchadourian | January 19, 2015

With a passion in designing environments that support and enhance learning, Abie shares three key messages for establishing a student's education foundation.

Will Our Students of Today Have the Skills for the Jobs of Tomorrow?
By Abie Khatchadourian | January 12, 2015

Abie discusses how higher education institutions can facilitate student success for future workforce needs.