Our Culture

When you engage people at all levels of the organization creativity thrives, quality improves and a culture of responsiveness is born. When you provide employees with flexibility and options throughout their workday then satisfaction grows. When you give employees a voice to be heard and make them stakeholders in the process then accountability soars.

Meeting our employees’ most basic needs, our offices offer open concept sit-stand workstations, hoteling areas, robust technology and a variety of meeting zones. Rooftop terrace access in our Milwaukee and Madison offices allow employees versatility and additional options throughout their day.

We understand the value provided by every member of our organization and strive to create a culture of mentoring, feedback and professional growth. Some of the ways this is done is by offering dedicated training hours to staff in addition to an internal University offering taught by staff and external experts, giving full access to information at our monthly studio and quarterly firm meetings and providing a review outlet to gain feedback on all members of the firm.

Finally reward and acknowledgement are a compelling message to our team. Regular fruit deliveries, catered social events, flexible hours and a generous profit-sharing program reward our employees for their hard work. 

If you are interested in joining our team, check out our careers page.